Magitek Repository

The “Magitek Repository” is an exclusive publication for people who support me.

On it I publish articles of varying length that bring content related to (but not limited to) RPG, league of legends, storytelling, online games with a strong focus on Runarcana RPG.

In some editions, the content of the Magitek Repository (MR) contains material that can become an official part of the Runarcana RPG, in these cases, access is an early access to something still under construction, as a preview of what is to come.

In other cases, content is made and developed without concern for being faithful to the lore and canon of League of Legends, they are copyrighted content with full creative permission.

A third case is mixed content, which involves both something that connects to official and canon and totally non-canonical content.

In the case of official content, eventually they become part of the system and for this reason they become “open”.

It is important to note that not all content will necessarily become open, the case of partially open content is an example of this. Eventually, the unopened part can be published in Runarcana+ publications, which is the territory for content that uses Runarcana as a base but is not lore-bound.

For better organization, the table below contains all content published on RM and its status as to whether or not it has been opened, to facilitate requesting access to content already published, as well as informing compatibility with the latest version of Runarcana.

* The column “Open” refers to which content has already been released publicly, no longer being exclusive to the Magitek Repository, in such cases the content may be part of the system or have been published in some supplement such as Runarcanana + publications.

Content that is not “Open” can be individually accessible to people who support, except the last 3 posts which are not accessible in this way.

** The column "Current” refers to which contents are compatible with the most current version of Runarcana, documents that are not marked ✔ are compatible with previous versions of the system.