Magitek Repository

The “Magitek Repository” is an exclusive publication for people who support me.

On it I publish articles of varying length that bring content related to (but not limited to) RPG, league of legends, storytelling, online games with a strong focus on Runarcana RPG.

In some editions, the content of the Magitek Repository (MR) contains material that can become an official part of the Runarcana RPG, in these cases, access is an early access to something still under construction, as a preview of what is to come.

In other cases, content is made and developed without concern for being faithful to the lore and canon of League of Legends, they are copyrighted content with full creative permission.

A third case is mixed content, which involves both something that connects to official and canon and totally non-canonical content.

In the case of official content, eventually they become part of the system and for this reason they become “open”.

It is important to note that not all content will necessarily become open, the case of partially open content is an example of this. Eventually, the unopened part can be published in Runarcana+ publications, which is the territory for content that uses Runarcana as a base but is not lore-bound.

For better organization, the table below contains all content published on RM and its status as to whether or not it has been opened, to facilitate requesting access to content already published, as well as informing compatibility with the latest version of Runarcana.

1Voidborn SymbioteRunessence
3Red GoldMaterial + Magic Item
5Rite of CryoforceRite (subclass)
6Samnitic SpearItem
7War EnhancementsEnhacements
9Statik's HeirRunessence
10Monkey IdolMagic Item + Creature
11Jokes and TrickeryYordle lineage + Heritage🟡🟡
12Spiritual EssencesRunessence (Yone)
13Luminar ThreadMaterial
14CrystallineConstruct lineage
15Additional PastsPasts
16AquavistRunessence, Heritage, Enhancement, Craft
17Old UrsineOrigin
18Barukh Catalog 01Class magic items
19A Grain of SandCreature
20Barukh Catalog 08Magic Items
21Kurma HonuOrigin
23Regional HeritagesHeritages
24Blood HeritagesHeritages
25Additional lineagesLineages and Heritage🟡🟡
26Vitriolic GlyphSubclass – Glyph
27MekharetCurse – Sub-origin
28Fiendish MagicMystery
29Nether Equalization AmuletItem
30Invocatio Abyssum: ApostateSpell, Creature
31Rebuilt ReactorsClass Resource Update
32Black MistEnvironment and Creature Mechanical Upgrade
33Spicing up EncountersEncounter Mechanics
35Benandanti & GinzburgOrganization - Heritage
36Barukh Catalog 14Magic Items
38Racial DeterminismPast and Origins Update
39The ShamanClass
40Pew PewClass Update, Heritage, etc…
41Cherry BlossomClass Update
42More PastsRegional Pasts
43Even More PastsRegional Pasts
44Runinata +Origin Update
45Armor ReforgedItem Update
46RunecannonTechmaturge Device
47Something InventiveClass Update, Devices, Apparatus
48Cursed ItemsCursed Magic Items
49Ninja PathClass Update
50Animal PartnershipSpell and Class feature update
51Shimmer and its DerivativesSubstance, Magic Items, Resources
52VesaniOrigin, Heritage, Magic and
54AlignedCore rule Update
57Voltaic GlyphSubclass, Magic
58Barukh Catalog 37Items (Firearms)
59Basic MagicNew Spells
60Origin EnhacementsEnhacements
61Origin Enhacements 2Enhacements
62War ModificationsItems
63Basic Magic 2New Spells
64Poisonous FormulasCraft, Rules Update, Items, Resources
65Other Great SpiritsClass Resource
66Barukh Catalog 06Magic Items
68Wrathful RageHeritages, Enhancements
69Expanded ArcanismHeritages, Enhancements
70Improved HuntingHeritages, Enhancements
71Improved SpiritualityHeritages, Enhancements
72Improved CunningHeritages, Enhancements
73Improved CombatHeritages, Enhancements
74Versatile ProgressionMulticlass, System
75Improved InspirationHeritages, Enhancements
76Improved ShootingHeritages, Enhancements
77Improved FullnessHeritages, Enhancements
78Improved InventivenessHeritages, Enhancements
79Barukh Catalog 35Magic Items
80Relic WeaponsCraft, Rules Update, Items, Resources
81Celestial ResonanceNew subsystem
82HenshinMagic Item
83Chains of PowerWeapons, Heritage, Rules Update
84Reforged RunessencesRunessences
85Aparatos ReforjadosCraft, Inventions ,Gadgets
86Last ResourceNew subsystem, New Mechanics
88Improved InvocationInvocations
89Optional RulesNew Mechanics
90Barukh Catalog 23Magic Items

✔ = Open | 🟡 = Partially open | |❌= Not open

* A coluna “Open” refere-se a quais conteúdos já foram liberados publicamente, não sendo mais exclusivos do Repositório Magitek, em casos assim o conteúdo pode estar fazendo parte do sistema ou ter sido publicado em algum suplemento como as publicações do Runarcanana +.

Conteúdos que não estejam “Abertos” podem ser acessíveis individualmente para pessoas que apoiem, exceto as últimas 3 publicações que não estão acessíveis dessa forma.

** A coluna “Atual” refere-se a quais conteúdos estão compatíveis com a versão mais atual do Runarcana, documentos que não estejam com a marcação ✔ são compatíveis com versões anteriores do sistema.