The Heroes - Made with Midjourney

A tale of Dragons and Wizards

Once upon a time…

In a far, far away realm of magic and adventures, there was this old and majestic red dragon, whose wisdom brought people from every corner of the world. There, he taught them how to enter amazing adventures that would change their lives forever.

But this Dragon had some curse on him, and in time, he began to get greedy and mad, ruining all that he achieved over the centuries until a group of wizards from the coast came to his aid. They used their magic cards imbued with a new form of and old sorcery to provide the resources for a healing balm that drove the madness of the dragon away.

When the madness ended, the dragon saw that all that realm was in ruins, that the glory of those days was gone, he resented the lack of power to control himself out of this curse when the wizards approached him. They offered an alliance in which they would provide resources and the dragon would be able to put his wisdom on the behalf of all those people again.

It was a prosperous time, with that alliance, the dragon and the wizards elevated the glory of those adventures in ways never seen before. The realm has grown to incredible distances, with a multitude of new adventures taking place every day. New heroes were born, and was a time of glorious duels of sword or of sorcery, even a ronin from a far realm appeared in his green leaf armor.

The wizards, although had the power to be immortal, choosed to not be led by the same wizard forever, changing their leader from time to time. In a few centuries after that alliance, the wizards were approached by their patron, the one who provided the same kind of alliance they did to the dragon in the past.

And with the cursed magic words, the patron casted the curse on the wizards, that like in the dragon, made them greedy, not caring for the realm but trying to control all the Dragon’s powers for the Patron sole use.

What the patron and the wizards forgot was that when the alliance was made, they built a golem but never activated it, the purpose of the golem was to serve as a model for other partners to start their own adventures. When the wizards used their powers to control the Dragon and started their reign of oppression, the old magic of the alliance activated that first golem.

The eldritch magic was channeled to the golem, turning it to blue, and with steam emanating from it, it marched against the wizards and the dragon, achieving victory after a long battle and releasing the captive people. The wizards then, free from the cursed words of their patreon, started to rebuild that prosperous empire with aid of everyone who again started to trust on them.

That was a golden age in this realm, several people from all places started to believe in that cause and moved their forces to make it even greater, reaching new frontiers everyday. A few centuries after that, a group of adventurers were so successful that the glory of the realm overreached all boundaries and that golden age looked like it would be even better than the first one.

But again, after 22 centuries, the Patron woke up again, casting his cursed words again, but that time, he plotted that would be no one between him and his goals and in the shadow he casted the curse in all wizards, so they also would work in the shadow to once again, try to use the Dragon with its growing powers to not only control the realm, but also, to spread terror and tyranny over all realms.

But not all wizards were tricked by the Patron, some of them were able to keep their minds, sending secret signs to the people of the realm, warning about what was about to happen, with a wave of oppression even worse than the previous one, 23 centuries ago.

There was not much people that lived through that ages, but the tradition has been passed on, and when the omens were seen, the very own people of the realm started a revolution, they screamed and they fought the best way they could, but the Patron and his evil wizards were a menace they could not stand.

A hero appeared among those fighting people, a blue Kobold holding a Black Flag, with memories of the old times. The unexpected hero was able to not only hurt the wizards, but also to draw enough blood to wake up that old blue golem of ancient days that in his pilgrimage learned about a very wise and powerful Orc sage, who not only had the power and the knowledge to end these cursed cycles once for all, but also, could provide that power for all the people, so something like that would never happen again.

The Kobold, the Golem, a Green Samurai, an Eldritch mage, among other heroes, named and unnamed, started their quest to bring that old Orc, while all the people keep the revolution and the wizards at the coast. That time, the Patron and the wizards were afraid, not because the people could destroy them, but because at that time, their powers were not effective against those people.

Just the memory of this old Orc made the wizards tremble and try to end the war with false promises, but no one else falls under that charm, and while they kept the wizards unable to act, the heroes, leaded by the blue golem, started to cast the spell to bring that Old Orc Sage and what will happen next, is still to be unleashed…

To be continued!

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